How much do I need to invest in your  service?

You can invest in a bundle of content marketing and copywriting services starting at $2,000. Yes, the rates go up from there, but for seven months’ worth of Chipotle’s steak burrito bowl, you can give birth to a thriving, heart-centered website that’s built on love-based copywriting and marketing techniques.

What are your services?

I offer all sorts of content marketing and copywriting services, including the following:

  • Blog Posts
  • Newsletter Emails
  • E-courses
  • E-books
  • Direct Response Sales Pages

For more details, you can check out the Services page.

Do you do SEO?

I’m not an SEO provider, but I do my best to optimize every article for the search engines. However, I don’t focus too much on SEO because I know that every business owner can be successful simply by reaching out to their audience from the heart. That’s why it’s called Copy from the Heart.

How soon will I see results?

Honestly, if you’re fully aligned with your desire to manifest a successful blog, you can expect to see results right away. The Universe has your back all the time. And so you choose how soon you see results. But I don’t want to make guru-style, over-the-top promises here, so I’ll give you a conservative estimate and say three months at the very least.

Do I need to be technically proficient to do this?

No. Not at all. In fact, all you actually need to do is to talk to me via Skype, Zoom, email, however you like. We can write letters by owl or raven post too, if that’s your thing. But I have to warn you. There aren’t very many owls or ravens where I live.

Will this work for me even if I have a new business?

Whether you’ve been selling for 20 years or two minutes, a powerful content marketing strategy and persuasive copy will absolutely work for you. Always remember that the Universe has your back all the time. If reading this feels good to you, that’s your biggest sign my service will work for you. If something feels off to you, maybe we just weren’t meant to work together in this lifetime.

How do I know you’re right for me?

Check out my home page. Check out my Services page. Check out my About page. Read my blog or my articles. And then listen to your intuition. That all-knowing inner voice will tell you the truth. Listen to it. Only your intuition can answer this question for you. If it says yes, get in touch with me today.