Copy from the Heart is built on three values.

Write from the Heart – To always dive into the innermost depths of my being and write only what comes from there

Shine My Light – To always stay in touch with who I am, a being filled with love and light who can’t wait to share all of that to the world

Write with Love – To always see every being in the world as part and parcel of who I am

I was born and raised with a pen in my right hand and a book in my left. I spent my childhood years reading and writing as much as I can. I just knew, since I was seven years old, I was going to grow up to become a writer (and a teacher and an astronomer and a romantic).

But becoming a writer wasn’t all it was cut up to be. Nobody told me you had to write what others wanted you to write if you didn’t want to go hungry. So, yeah, for a huge chunk of my professional writing life, I wasn’t really writing. I was only typing down the words other people wanted to hear from me.

Today, I have decided to let go of that old life. Today, I have decided to step into a new life where I only write what comes from the heart.

And so, Copy from the Heart is born.

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